Casinos and gambling companies have been struggling to draw younger populations to their resorts for a long time. Various measures were conducted, including special areas with music and serving food and drinks that young people seem to love, but nothing was especially successful.

Different strategies:

One of the ideas was to build nightclubs and pool day clubs that would attract them, with the hope that their interest in gambling would increase over time. MGM Resorts International thought of something a little bit different than all attempts so far. Since the company realized that new generations aren’t able to separate from their smartphones and social media, they decided to simply allow them to use them.

The new MGM policy allowed using social media, filming, and streaming. It says: “Our filming and streaming policies are designed to enhance our guests’ experience as they play slot machines, table games, and poker while minimizing disruption to our guests and the normal operation of our casino. We’re thrilled to see the excitement of our players as they enjoy our gaming options and strive to be a social media-friendly environment. However, we are mindful of the privacy and safety of all our guests, and our policies reflect that balance.”

In all of MGM’s properties in Las Vegas, the visitors will be allowed to create videos of themselves while playing, as well as oh-so-popular selfies. The content can be prepared while playing slot machines, table games, and poker for personal use.

MGM will monitor the results, and if it proves successful, they will implement the policy in their other casinos.

However, not everything is allowed. The visitors will be obligated to take care of other guests, and they will be forbidden from disrupting other guests in any way, as well as the normal operation of the casino. They won’t be allowed to use tripods, lights, or any other tools that can affect the other players. 

Different rules for every game:

Depending on the game they play, the rules are different as well. While playing on the slot machines, the guests will be able to record videos of themselves with their personal devices only, and the content will be used only for their personal use. If they want to live stream from the casino or record longer videos, they will be required to ask for permission first.

When it comes to the table games, the players will be allowed to make only short videos and photos. The same rules apply to poker games.

They won’t be allowed to record other guests or the casino staff.

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority was very successful when it tried to promote the casinos via guests’ and influencers’ posts. However, it is even more interesting when people post a photo from the casino than it is from sporting events or other public spaces.

Will other companies try to follow MGM’s example? It’s to be seen.