Online casino games and software developer Microgaming has announced that it will endeavor to increase workplace diversity, inclusion and equality after becoming one of the first members of the industry-driven All-In Diversity Project.

Isle of Man-based Microgaming stated that the All-In Diversity Project was recently established by gambling industry figures Christina Thakor-Rankin and Kelly Kehn with a mission to collect data within the sector so as to establish definitive benchmarks for the progression of diversity, equality and inclusion.

From here, Microgaming explained that the All-In Diversity Project is to produce annual progress reports while also providing best practice recommendations designed to advance workplace equality, inclusion and diversity in a range of areas including salaries, recruitment and corporate governance.

John Coleman, Chief Financial Officer for Microgaming, declared that workforce diversity has kept his firm ‘strong, dynamic and moving forward’ but that it was important to ‘identify industry-specific barriers’ so that the industry can ‘continue to work on areas where we can help diversity thrive’.

“We look forward to working with the All-In Diversity Project and being part of the driving force aimed at creating a more inclusive environment within the industry for years to come,” read a Tuesday statement from Coleman.

For its part, the All-In Diversity Project welcomed Microgaming’s decision to join its ranks while moreover detailing that it intends to host a web seminar on May 9 in order to give prospective members the chance to learn about its goals and ask questions.

“The team at Microgaming brings a breadth of industry knowledge and expertise to the table with its brands, products and policies as well as a real passion for people that is reflected in the diversity of its teams spread across the world,” read a statement from Kehn. “There is no limit to what we can achieve with this calibre of supplier on board.”