Yesterday, Thursday, August 8th, 2019 Major League Baseball, publicly announced that the New York Yankees will play a game against the Chicago White Sox at the site of Field of Dreams during the 2020 MLB season. There will be a temporary stadium built on the location where the 1989 movie Field of Dreams was filmed in Iowa. Construction on this stadium will begin on Tuesday, August 13th, 2019 which is exactly one year prior to the event.

The ballpark will seat 8,000 lucky fans who will be treated to an extremely unique experience in professional sports. This game will be played on Thursday, August 13th, 2020 in which the Chicago White Sox will be designated as the home team. The next day (Friday, August 14, 2020) will be an off day for both of the ball clubs as they will travel back to Chicago to resume the 3 games series on the following Saturday and Sunday.

The exact parameters of the ballpark being constructed for this baseball game have not been released by the MLB. However, the stadium is said to have some identifying aspects of old Comiskey Park where the Chicago White Sox previously played their home games. There will be the iconic path through the cornfields leading up to the stadium for the fans attending the event. Windows on the right field wall will be utilized to display the cornstalks beyond the wall. This sounds somewhat similar to how the movie used the cornstalks as the wall. By clicking here, you can see a video released by MLB of the ballpark setup.

Media Statements:

“As a sport that is proud of its history linking generations, Major League Baseball is excited to bring a regular-season game to the site of Field of Dreams,”explained Rob Manfred, the commissioner of Major League Baseball.We look forward to celebrating the movie’s enduring message of how baseball brings people together at this special cornfield in Iowa.”

“Field of Dreams is an iconic, generational baseball story built upon a deep love of the game that transcends even the most impossible of circumstances,” says Jerry Reinsdorf who is the chairman of the Chicago White Sox.“The filmmakers tell a beautiful story that resonates to this day. It is an incredible honor for the White Sox franchise to be the home team against the Yankees in a special setting that will capture everyone’s imagination just like the movie does. It seems very fitting that 30 years after the film’s debut, MLB will build a ballfield in an Iowa cornfield where we will come to play a game so that baseball fans can create their own memories to be cherished for decades.”

 The New York Yankees managing general partner Hal Steinbrenner stated: “The Yankees organization is proud to participate in such a unique celebration of baseball. Field of Dreams captures the pure essence of baseball, and it continues to bring generations of fans — and families — together to embrace its timeless roots.”