The Montreign Resort Casino at Adelaar may not have a casino gaming license just yet, but this has not stopped the process of clearing land in preparation of construction. In one month’s time, the former property of the Concord Resort has cleared over 100 acres in anticipation of the new casino resort. The resort will consist of 1,700 acres, with the road to the resort having been set parallel to Route 17.

The current work taking place on the land is part of a $70 million infrastructure project that will provide electricity, water, sewage and roads to the casino resort which has an overall projected price of $1.1 billion for construction. The clearing of the land has moved rapidly due to the desire to build the casino quickly as well as the fear that a ban would be put in place on the trees of the property which were home to a particular bat species.

The construction of the casino will not be able to take place until the Montreign Casino Resort earns a license from the state. This will not happen until the background checks into the owners and operators of the property is complete. The project was approved by the New York Gaming Facility Location Board and passed on to the New York Gaming Commission board.