British enterprise, Native Gaming Limited, has announced the debut of a new blockchain-based online casino and sportsbetting site at that it claims will offer stakeholders ‘a complete financial ecosystem’ as well as a plethora of unique gamification opportunities.

The London-headquartered operator used an official Friday press release published by to detail that its new decentralized online casino is utilizing proprietary systems primarily from iGaming technology solutions firm BetConstruct in order to feature well over 5,000 games alongside approximately 40,000 monthly real-time betting lines.

Caribbean casino:

Native declared that it also has plans to eventually create its very own casino resort on a private island in the Caribbean before integrating this land-based entity with its recently-premiered online platform so as to supply aficionados with ‘a complete gaming experience.

Investment opportunity:

Justin McCool, Chief Executive Officer for Native Gaming , used the press release to proclaim that the ‘financial ecosystem’ utilized by allows stakeholders, who he referred to as ‘natives,’ to earn passive income from all of the gross gaming revenues generated by the site. He moreover stated that this first-of-its-kind model involves investors depositing anything from $10 to $10 million into the online casino’s Smart-Contract Bankroll so as to facilitate the creation of tokens subsequently bought by players to enjoy any of its many games or sportsbetting opportunities.

Real-time returns:

McCool explained that all revenues generated from the purchase of tokens are to be distributed to stakeholders in real-time while these digital tickets may also be instantly redeemed to provide partners with ‘a very liquid form of investment.’ He furthermore pronounced that this unique system is due to ensure ‘a dynamic price offering’ as a result of more tokens being purchased.

Read a statement from McCool…

“ was designed to be more than just another online casino. Whether you’re staying at the private island resort, gambling in the casino or investing in the bankroll, the platform quickly sets itself apart. We believe that by decentralizing the ownership in the casino and thereby transferring the gross revenue directly to our community, we can begin to reshape the passive income investment landscape. A token that is generating passive income from gross gaming revenue has the potential to be far more lucrative than other popular passive income investments like rental properties, dividend stocks and masternode coins. Our platform leverages the security and transparency of blockchain technology to provide an equal opportunity to everyone.”