If you are a video game fanatic, then you know just how iconic the Street Fighter arcade game franchise really. It has long been a favorite within the video game community and NetEnt is now hoping the title will also do well in the online gaming world. The software developer just recently announced they are transforming the best aspects of the video game to create a brand-new slot title called Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Slot.

Will Iconic Characters and Bosses Be Included?

Of course! The developer would never dream of leaving out the essential characters of the arcade game from the slot title and all the favorites will be there. Chun-Li, E. Honda, Ryu, Dhalsim, Ken, Blanka and Zangief will be on the reels including boss fights with M. Bison, Sagat, Balrog and Vega.

The team will be drawing inspiration from the arcade games graphics, animations and soundtrack to provide authenticity to the slot title. The arcade version of the game was launched back in 1991 and is still a talked about title today. It paved the way to additional content including gaming sequels and movies.

According to a recent press release

Director of Games, Bryan Upton, commented on the new title by stating: “The release of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior took the arcade world by storm in the early nineties and today it is widely considered as the ultimate classic video game that continues to entertain fans almost 30 years later.”

Upton stated further that the software developing company is ‘immensely proud’ to be working with the franchise especially considering the current popularity of retro trends. Players are sure to enjoy the retro vibe of the fighting themed release once all the game’s iconic images and characters are seen on the slot screen.

New Community Jackpots System:

The new game announcement comes at the same time as NetEnt debuted a brand-new Community Jackpot System. Titled Starburst PowerPots, players will have the ability to earn Starburst tokens and a chance to win a jackpot prize once a progress bar connected to the system fills up.

A bonus to this new system is that players do not have to be online to earn a prize. When the pot is triggered, the prize is divided among those involved, even if players are not online at the time!