The Nevada Gaming Control Board (NGCB) organized a public workshop on August 11 in Carson City to receive feedback on how table games and slot machines in casinos can improve the way they receive bets. The NGCB wants all brick & mortar casinos in the state to look at implementing e-commerce practices to ensure that their gaming facilities are a lot more user friendly to patrons.

The board believes that introducing wagers accounts will make things a lot easier for the casinos and its patrons. However some of the current regulations of the NGCB stand in the way of such e-commerce implementations and the board is contemplating making amendments to Nevada Senate Bill 9 which would then allow wagering accounts to be implemented.

The Nevada Senate Bill 9 was implemented in 2015 and prevented gamblers from using prepaid accounts to gamble. Regulation 5 and Regulation 5A is what the NGCB will have to look into changing as Regulation 5 states that prepaid accounts must not be used at casinos while Regulation 5A permits interactive gaming networks to process authorized credited accounts. The NGCB would like to introduce an amendment covering wagering accounts and put in places regulations to ensure how prepaid cards would operate.

Senate Bill 9 says “The continued growth and success of the gaming industry in the State of Nevada depends on the fostering of a business and regulatory environment that promotes continued advances in the use of technology in gaming, which improves the entertainment experience, encourages innovation and supports expansion of the domestic technology sector”

Customers who would like to make use of prepaid cards at the casino will have to register first and submit photo identification proof. This will give them access to a prepaid account at the casino making their gaming experience a lot more user friendly. AG Burnett, the Chairman of the NGCB believes that it will take some time for the required regulations to be put in place but it will not be long before Nevada’s casinos permit wagering accounts as these funded accounts are already being used in Nevada sportsbooks, mobile and online gaming accounts.

There has been opposition to the wagering accounts proposal as opponents believe that problem gambling in the state is bound to increase when prepaid accounts are permitted. The Nevada Council on Problem Gambling is willing to support the new proposal provided a few conditions are met by the NGCB. The council wants sufficient signage highlighting problem gaming to be displayed in gambling areas where customers have to top up their electronic accounts. Carol O’Hare, the Executive Director stated that she is willing to work with the NGCB to put together the necessary regulations to ensure that responsible gaming practices would be followed at all times.