Nevada saw total gambling revenues for April decrease by 2% year-on-year, although this is partly attributable to the particular way the western state counts slot takings.

According to a report from the Nevada Gaming Control Board, the state’s casinos won $876 million in April with venues in Reno reporting a 19% rise year-on-year to $50 million.

However, gambling revenues from the Las Vegas Strip dropped by almost 2% year-on-year to $491 million while downtown Las Vegas winnings fell by 13% to $43 million. The news was similarly disheartening in South Lake Tahoe where revenues for April diminished by 12% to $13 million.

The declines are partly attributable to April of 2015 being a relatively strong comparator while there is also an estimated $30 million in slot revenues from April that is set to be counted in May. April ended on a Saturday and Michael Lawton from the Nevada Gaming Control Board revealed that the state’s casinos do not count slot revenues on the weekends in order to avoid disturbing activity on casino floors during a busy time.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board additionally reported that state-wide slot revenues for April lessened by approximately 5% year-on-year despite a 4% swell in amounts wagered to $9.1 billion with the casinos’ share declining to 6.2%.

On a more positive note, April table game winnings rose by more than 4% year-on-year thanks to a strong performance for baccarat. Nevada casinos collected about $105 million from the game, which represented around a 10% increase, despite bettors wagering less when compared with twelve months ago.

“The reason why baccarat increased was the casinos ran pretty lucky last month,” Lawton told The Associated Press.