Owner of the Rising Star Casino of Indiana, Full House Resorts Inc., has applied for the option to create a ferry boat ramp to be located on Lower River Road, just off KY 18. The application was sent in by Full House Resorts and a public hearing on the matter will take place in Burlington on the 8th of June.

This is not the first time that a ferry proposal has been sought in the area by the casino. Back in 2006, the casino proposed the same and the Boone County Planning Commission rejected the plan. Last May, the ferry subject came up again when four acres of property were purchased by a subsidiary of Full House Resorts for $240,000, located just off Lower River Road.

The Rising Star Casino has been under the ownership of Full House Resorts since 2011, with the venue offering a 40,000 square foot gaming space that includes table games, video poker machines and slot games. The casino has seen a sharp decline in revenues since 2006, earning $152.8 million that year and down to just over $47 million back in 2014.

The casino would like to be able to offer services to residents located in the northern region of Kentucky by offering a 20 minute ferry ride. Without the ride, residents of that area have to drive almost an hour to reach the gaming venue. Residents of the area where the ferry is being proposed are worried about traffic on the county roads which are windy and narrow.

With the application submitted by Full House Resorts, a traffic study was also included. A consultant was able to determine that there is no need to improve the intersection at Lower River Road due to the low levels of traffic. The application states the ferry would be a benefit to everyone, providing more business to the area as visitors use the ferry to reach the region.