As MGM Resorts International continues to move forward with their new Massachusetts property, the company is looking to start the hiring process for the new venue. The $960m casino resort titled MGM Springfield seems to be on track to open in September 2018, so the next step is to begin the employment process. Earlier their month, MGM launched a career center to provide access to employment opportunities within the new facility.

According to, the new career center is located in the downtown area of Springfield, on East Columbus Avenue. This is located at the same area in which the new gaming venue is being constructed. At the career center, potential employees will find access to a computer lab and interview rooms. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has also staffed an office to assist with the licensing process of casino employees.

Through the end of this year, the career center will remain open Monday to Friday from 1 to 4 pm. The hours will then be extended once the New Year arrives. MGM has stated that they will be hiring 3,000 individuals to work in the complex with positions needed for the hotel, casino, retail stores, movie theater, restaurants, outdoor ice skating rink and bowling alley. There will be plenty of unique positions on offer.

When MGM Resorts was given licensing for the MGM Springfield venue, they were given a requirement that 35% of the workforce must be from Springfield. A total of 90% of the workforce must be from the region. According to the WAMC report, Stephen Crosby, the Gaming Commission Chairman, stated that regulators plan on keeping a close watch on the hiring process of the new casino. The hope is that MGM will tart the unemployed as well as underemployed during the hiring process.

Currently when searching online, job seekers will find more than 250 job descriptions within the MGM property. A portal known as SkillSmart can be used to help individuals create a profile and match current work experience with jobs that are available.