On Friday, a new gaming area was revealed at the Grand Lisboa, what the casino’s operator SJM Holdings Ltd is calling a ‘grand opening’ based on the revitalization project of the property. The operator has been revamping the casino and the new gaming area now boasts 9,365 square feet of gaming space with over 10 gaming tables and more than 40 slot machines. Also included in the changes is a dining lounge for Macau visitors.

The gaming area can be found on the mezzanine zone, the upper first floor of the property. The new facility had a soft opening back in January and was a restaurant area in the past before the dining venue was relocated so the gaming area could be created.

A press release was sent out by SJM Holdings on Friday to announce the opening of the gaming area, without the target audience mentioned. In the past, the company had stated the new gaming area would be decided to enticing the premium mass market. The company added multi-game terminals to the venue back in February for mass appeal, with 78 terminals provided on the upper level floor.

Ground floor renovations are expected to take place this month and should be completed by the end of the year at the casino. When these renovations are completed, the ground floor will be able to accommodate five additional tables as well as 31 slot machines. A new retail space is also planned for the ground level.

The hotel is also being considered in the renovations with the guest rooms of the hotel receiving a complete overhaul. This is the first time the guest rooms have been changed since 2009. The changes to the guest rooms first began back in 2014 and will take until next year to complete, according to statements by SJM Holdings in the past.

The company also has their hands full with a new property located in Cotai. The new venue will be known as Grand Lisboa Palace and should be completed by 2017, towards the end of the year. The venue has a price tag of $3.9 billion and was previously known as Lisboa Palace.

Additionally, SJM Holdings is working on opening Casino Jai Alai later on this year. The company has been working on renovating this property as well but the renovations stopped in back in 2014 when the government approvals for operation were pending. The company was able to begin anew with renovations in 2015 and has been working ever since to have the property back in action.