In the Chaco province of Argentina, a new amendment recently passed in regards to the gaming industry of the area. In the future, any casinos or gambling halls will have to be discussed during a public hearing before a call for tender can be made.

The amendment was first introduced in 2014 by Deputy Daniel Trabalon and amended article 2 of the gaming law in Chaco. The law, now approved, makes it an obligation for the State Lottery to convene a public hearing so citizens and the involved sectors will be included and have the opportunity to express opinions on the project to install a gambling hall or a casino in the area that is being considered.

The new law makes this step necessary due to the fact that a new gaming venue could have an impact on the community. The forum created will allow those who will be impacted to have their say on the matter. Individuals in the given community will be able to provide suggestions on proposed projects as well as consider consequences of a gambling venue being created.

The law will also put stronger regulations in place when considering the installation of casino and slot parlors as well as operation of the venues. Gaming is also going to be used as a way to promote tourism in the region moving forward. Another goal of the law is to establish better transparence when it comes to granting licensing, which was determined to be lacking in the past.

Lawmakers have praised the new measure due to the fact that it provides locals with more say so when it comes to gaming in their community. Deputy Ricardo Sanchez stated that the public hearings have the potential to help prevent controversy when it comes to future gaming in the Argentina province, according to G3Newswire. Sanchez pointed out that it is good to hear from the locals and sectors to see their viewpoint on gaming matters.

Sanchez mentioned casino plans from 2010 which would have created a venue in San Pedro Pescador. Locals were strongly opposed to the project and the idea was eventually abandoned based on the opposition to the project. With the new changes, hopefully such instances will not occur as the public will be invited to discuss their thoughts on any given gaming project.