Today, the State Senate of New Hampshire will meet to discuss close to 30 bills, one of which covers the topic of gambling. The bill would bring casino gambling to the state and has already been introduced in the past. The measure had originally set Rockingham Park, located in Salem, as the one location that would be home to the proposed casino. However, the bill did not gain support in this manner, so the measure has now been amended to open the potential casino to any location with a bid process to be allowed.

In the past, the State Senate has passed several casino bills but never has one been able to move through the House. This year alone, which is only a fourth of the way through, the House shut down a proposal that would allow slot gaming at local bars and restaurants.

State Governor Maggie Hassan has been supportive of gambling in the past, including the game of keno, which is a form of electronic bingo. The House has already passed a measure that would legalize Keno and this measure is also being reviewed in a committee of the Senate. If the measure is signed into law, the bill would give places that have liquor licenses the option to provide keno gaming. Gas stations and convenience stores would not be allowed to offer the game.