The loyalty card found at Station Casinos is known as the Boarding Pass, a reward option that is set to change beginning this week. Players who have loyalty cards at properties operated by Station Casinos will see the loyalty program evolve beginning on Tuesday when points can be earned and then spent on nongaming amenities.

Station’s Executive Vice President of innovation and administration, Staci Alonso, stated that the company felt it was time to recognize each location and all the things that guests can do when they come to the property. What makes the changes special is that it recognizes all the choices that players have each time they visit a property of Station Casinos.

According to Review Journal, Alonso stated the loyalty card concept of My Rewards has been under review for many years and it has taken advancements in technology as well as the Palms acquisition to make it the right time to switch to a new offering. Alonso stated that many of the new features that have been incorporated into the card were created based on interactions with guests over the past few years and also listening to ideas of what players would like to see with a loyalty card.

The loyalty card of Station Casinos was first created in 1999 and have evolved over time to now be known as My Rewards. With the Boarding Pass, players will now have the option to earn points during slot game play and earn discounts for buffets located on site. The rewards option covers several features at the casino including the table games, buffets, beverages, hotel stays and more. An example of rewards available include card holders earning 10 credits for every dollar spent on restaurant purchase or 50 credits for every dollar spent on hotel stays.

With My Rewards, the loyalty program will have five tiers; Preferred, Gold, Platinum, President and Chairman. Each level is determined based on credits cared during a six month time frame. The higher the level earned, the better the benefits. For the top two levels of the program, players will earn the best benefits including priority seating at restaurants, casino hosts, VIP lines at the buffets and private gated parking in casino garages.