Ivobank, a new independent bank poised for the online gambling profits, is the first to launch since the .com boom in 2001 and hopes to have one million in the next five years. It is also the first to be regulated and authorized by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). Ivobank is backed by the Sampoerna family.Ivobank is headquartered in London.

The Sampoerna family also invested in Sportsbook and Mansion Poker but made their fortune in the Asian tobacco industry. Backing a new step for the gaming industry seems like a solid fiscal plan.

Ivobank will among other things offer instant transfers to international banks and the option of a virtual debit card without actually having a credit card. This will allow for people to make international money transfers to family members or friends and purchases without having a credit card but funds in their account anywhere mastercard is accepted. This is all while offering a decent interest rate. The gaming world online has made drastic changes and growth but with very few options for fast and secure online payments. They also offer 24/7 telephone customer support, online live chat and secure e-mail.

Opening an account is free and there is no minimum deposit. Funding your account with your credit or debit card also is fee free. Its, however, important to note the recent bank closures in the US to keep in perspective the potential issues facing a new bank.