Bookmakers and casinos in Chihuahua will be assessed two new taxes standing at three percent and six percent, according to a recent announcement by Javier Corral Jurado, the Governor of the capital of the northwestern Mexican state, according to G3Newswire.

All totaled, the new taxes in Chihuahua are reportedly expected to raise approximately $130m ($US6.9m) during the coming year. The new tax initiative was presented to the State Congress as part of the 2018 Income and Budget Expenditures Act.

Both players and casinos will reportedly be affected by the pair of new taxes, the first of which will impose a 3 percent tax on player winnings. Gaming establishments would retain that plus the commission they already charge. The 6 percent tax, meanwhile, would be applicable to income generated by bookmakers and casinos. Governor Javier Corral Jurado reportedly said the two new taxes were a way of “exploring new income alternatives, without undermining the Chihuahuan economy.”

Per the modification included for the Tax Code for the State of Chihuahua, 50 percent of additional gaming tax revenue will be allocated by the Ministry of Finance for the promotion of tourism while the remainder will be used to build tourist infrastructure. The state also reportedly has its eye on an additional $120m ($US6.4m) by way of a new state lottery which according to the report could be launched in April next year.

The Governor noted that on a state-wide level there had already been “a remarkable national movement in the gaming and betting industry,” according to G3Newswire. He also reportedly emphasized that two new taxes are for both casino and bookmakers throughout the state and justified the levies saying that the gambling establishments should contribute more to state coffers. The new law, according to the news release, also looks even the scales between raising additional income for the state while increasing awareness of problem gambling.