Rivers Casino owners have been hit with a complaint by the National Labor Relations Board of the Pittsburgh Regional office after managers have been accused of interrogating employees in regard to their status when it comes to union membership.

On March 31st, a complaint was filed by the Unite Here Local 57 AFL-CIO based on an incident which took place on the 21st of November. Managers of the property have been accused of threatening employees with ‘unspecified reprisals because they engaged in union activities’. The casino has until the 14th of April to respond to the complaints.

Employees of the casino on hourly wages have tried to start a union since 2013 and have not completed the process. On May 19th, a hearing on the subject will take place before an administrative law judge of the Pittsburgh National Labor Relations Board. The Rivers Casino has not commented on the details of the complaint but has issued a statement on employees, claiming the facility has been voted by their employees as the ‘Best Places to Work’ in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and respects the rights of employees to choose union status if they wish.