Divi Flamingo Beach Resort & Casino, located on the island of Bonaire in the Leeward Antilles on the Caribbean Sea, has taken most of the hassle out of vacation planning for those who wish to visit the white sands, blue water, and idyllic atmosphere of this Caribbean playground some 1,200 miles and a seven hour flight from Miami-Fort Lauderdale.

Starting this month it is possible to book an all-inclusive package including hotel room, food, beverages and snorkeling with a single reservation. This follows the Plaza Resort’s long-standing all-inclusive option. Although there are other resorts nearby, only the Divi Flamingo Beach Resort and Plaza offer casinos. Of course visitors can still plan their vacations a la carte, but Bonaire offers two of the best casinos in the Caribbean for those who prefer an intimate venue to a sprawling “entertainment city”, and more and more busy millennials are taking advantage of the all-inclusive option whenever they travel.

While the discount pricing along with snorkeling, live music, yoga on the beach, and rum parties make such offers quite attractive, there is no need to limit your activities to what is offered in the packages. Bonaire is a safe and secure place to wander and explore, and many vacationers like to make their experiences as rich as possible by augmenting their schedules with outside adventures. The main resorts have facilities for children under 12, and some offer stay, play, and eat free packages for the youngsters. Many parents will plan a half-day or evening away from the resort while their children are free to explore their own little worlds in a supervised environment.

Either casino resort would be an excellent choice for parents on the go who want to take advantage of everything the Caribbean has to offer; from fine dining, nightlife, and casino play, to family time on the beach or snorkeling, kayaking, sail boating and stand-up paddling with the kids. Gear is complimentary in many cases, and instruction is available for beginner and novice water sports enthusiasts.