Lottery players in the state of Massachusetts may soon have access to gaming options online, if a proposal by the Massachusetts State Lottery is approved. Officials of the state lottery are asking lawmakers to allow online gambling to take place, giving players access to games 24/7.

If allowed, the Lottery would begin with an online pilot program. The games played would be linked to a credit card. The downside of the plan is that many individuals are worried that this could lead to excessive gambling and possible addiction. However, there would be a spending cap put in place to limit how much users could spend in a specific time frame.

Other states in the US already offer online platforms and this method has proven to be successful. Massachusetts State Lottery officials would like to do the same. There is no timeline as of yet if the option will even be allowed or how long it would take to begin if approved. Currently, online gambling is just an idea and in the early stages of consideration.

However, there is support as back in June, the Joint Committee On Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure approved S-151, a measure created by State Senator Jennifer Flanagan. This measure would allow the lottery to offer online games via computer and mobile applications.