Red Rock Resorts Inc. has announced that the employees of their Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas have voted no to joining the local culinary union. Over 84% of the employees took part in a secret ballot over several days with 54% voting against joining the union. A total of 627 employees were against joining while 534, or 45%, voted in favor.

Details of the Vote:

The vote is one of several instances in Las Vegas involving Red Rock Resorts and unionizing. Station Casinos is an operating subsidy of Red Rock that already has seen seven properties vote in favor of joining the Culinary Workers Union Local 226.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal…

Scott Nelson, the general manager and property vice president of Red Rock Casino stated that the Team Members have spoken and they were thanked for their support. According to Nelson, Red Rock believes there is no better place to work in Las Vegas and the results of the election validate that belief.

Accusations of Interference:

After the election, the culinary union came forward in a statement accusing Red Rock of election interference. Days before the election took place, the company reportedly made their health maintenance organization health plan both premium and deductible free. The company also was reported to have increased their contribution to their employees 401(k) accounts.

In a statement, the Culinary Union’s secretary-treasurer, Geoconda Argüello-Kline said that the union believes the National Labor Relations Board will find the schemes by the company illegal and will order the casino to recognize the union and negotiate a contract.

The union commended the employees of the Red Rock Casino for their courage as they face a ‘massive anti-union campaign’ by the company.