Penthouse CEO Marc Bell told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the company is actively looking to buy a casino on the famed Las Vegas Strip. Bell told the reporter that he has talked to a number of people to find a property “where we can have the most impact”. He also said that he felt the down economy made this the best time to buy.

“We’re looking to make a presence, take something and clean it up and fix it up and give it a new image,” Bell said. “We think it would be a tremendous draw.”

“We have no intention to rebrand the name of the hotel,” Bell said. “We would like to see a Penthouse casino presence and a Penthouse pool presence.”

Bell expressed a vision of girls from the magazine acting as casino dealers the possibility of strippers performing if it became legal.

“I would to imagine at point we would be able to, as entertainment gets more risque on the Strip, as Vegas gets more back to its roots,” Bell said.

Penthouse began in the United Kingdom in 1965 and migrated to the United States in 1969. Bell makes no bones about the plan to generate business for the casino by tying it into the adult magazine and website empire that Penthouse is famous for. Brings rather a new twist to the original Sin City, doesn’t it?