Peru could soon approve online gambling according to local reports citing Manuel San Román Benavente, Director General of the Peruvian Gaming Control Board.

In the current draft legislation for authorizing online casinos there are provisions for a gambling tax ranging somewhere between 15 and 20 percent. Land operators tender 12% to the government. Some reasoning for the difference is that land casinos create jobs and contribute more to the local economy than online venues would.

Reports have surfaced with more frequency lately addressing the possibility of Peru entering the online gambling market. The online gambling regime would likely be policed at a level heretofore unseen, judging by Peru’s success in regulating land casinos. A decade ago less than one in twenty-five casinos were even regulated by the government, where as now, there are virtually no illegal casinos operating and the government monitors each slots transaction in real-time from a central server.

There are some 700 slots parlors and 22 full casinos operating in Peru today.