Gamzix, the progressive online casino gambling studio, has announced that it has just released a new title! It is proudly presenting Pilot – a Crash Game, where even the most experienced players can easily crash, and newbies can reach the sky. 

The studio was established in 2020 in Estonia and expanded rapidly over Cyprus and Ukraine. By now, it has already produced and released 25 games. 

Pilot – the first Crash Game by Gamzix

When it comes to the Pilot, the game’s mechanics are simple, but you can be surprised by the result. You only need to remember four simple things: 

The RT of the game is 96.5%, and it weighs only 2.4 Mb. It also can have different skins for different casinos. The game is supported via web view (Telegram/Viber/WhatsApp and others). All of that makes this latest release a great addition to the casino games world.  

“This Is Preparing Us for the Next Big Jump”

Alexandr Kosogov, CEO at Gamzix, said that this was the first Crash Game in their portfolio. He added that they couldn’t be prouder and more excited about it. This is preparing the Gamzix team for the next big jump – and maybe the most important is that every time they do something different, much like we saw in the Hoonga Boonga release, the team can see their growth in real-time.

Enjoyable sounds are just one of the great features of the game. They are designed to imitate plane take off and fulfill every round of the game. Another feature that the casinos will love is the ability to change skins for individual casinos.  

The brand also provided fair play and support for 22 localizations and all types of currencies (FIAT+Crypto). 

So, what are you waiting for? Fasten your belt – and try not to crash!