Norse mythology is full of action-packed stories involving amazing gods of various realms. The myths are commonly used by slot developers to create fantastic, reeled machines filled with wonder and excitement. For Play’n GO, Norse myths have been used for several of the brand’s popular online slot titles as well as an up-and-coming game. Get to know these games below, including details on the new release coming later this month.

Where Does the Mythology Begin?

Asgard is where the Norse myths traditionally take place but let’s go back a bit further, to Niflheim and Muspelheim. The realm of mist and ice and the realm of fire are opposites and steam from the two apparently created Ymir, which is the first giant. Eventually, Bor was created and had three sons, one of which was Odin.

Odin of course is the mighty figure and the father of Loki and Thor. Find him in two Play’n GO titles, Ring of Odin and Odin: Protector of the Realms. Of course, Thor and Loki are also often highlighted in slot games. Thor with his mighty hammer as the God of Lightning, and Loki with his staff and mischievous nature.

A fun slot to try featuring Loki is Tales of Asgard: Loki’s Fortune. This innovative title provides plenty of adventure and features the playful Loki. This character is often overlooked for Thor, but the developers felt that he deserved his own online slot title and the game has been quite popular with players.

Tales of Asgard: Freya’s Wedding Coming Soon

A new slot is coming very soon for fans of the Asgard tales. On February 17, the Tales of Asgard: Freya’s Wedding will go live, featuring the Goddess of Love. She was already featured in Faces of Freya, but this time around, the action is a bit different.

Freya is known for her temper, and she is associated with war and death just like her siblings. In this latest title, Freya is up against a horrible enemy, Thrym. Also known as the Ice King, Thrym is a deity that is obsessed with Freya and we are guessing that he is trying to force her to marry on the reels of this latest game.

More details about the new Freya online slot game should be released in the coming weeks as the launch date draws near. It most likely won’t be the last Asgardian slot as Play’n GO along with other developers enjoy using the myths as starting points for uniquely themed titles.