After recently releasing its latest joker-based slot game, Swedish games developer Play’n GO has done a complete 360 and launched the Egyptian themed Ankh of Anubis.

The latest slot title focuses on the ancient Egyptian god of the dead, Anubis, and takes place in an alternate timeline where for centuries he ruled over the ancient world, creating a technically advanced and prosperous kingdom.

Unique grid:

A diamond-shaped, 5-reel, 3-4-4-4-3 grid is where the action’s at in this highly volatile game, which rather than paylines, features more than 700 “payways.” The unique diamond-framed five-reel slot is only the second of its kind produced by the Växjö-headquartered company, with the bewitching underwater adventure, Mermaid’s Diamond, the first.

Popular theme:

Throughout the years, the slot specialist’s Egyptian themed games have proven to be popular with players and operators alike, having found success with hit titles such as Legacy of Egypt, as well as more recent releases like Doom of Egypt, which was launched early last month.

Keep it fresh:

In an official press release, Chief Executive Officer for Play’n GO, Johan Törnqvist, addressed the need for creativity and keeping ideas fresh when creating a game with a theme that has already been used…

“Egyptian themed slots are very popular, and we are always coming up with new ideas, but the most important thing is not to keep releasing the same game over and over again.

Each time we create a game with a theme we have used before we ensure that we improve by adding something new or upgrading what was done before.

Ankh of Anubis is a perfect example; we switched the focus of the game, used a new format for the grid and came up with a creative free spin feature, and players are going to enjoy seeing their favorite theme done in a new way.”

Slots and Bingo:

The busy developer released a total of four new slots in November including Chronos Joker, Xmas Magic, Black Mamba and the previously mentioned, Doom of Egypt. In addition to back-to-back slots, Play’n GO also unleashed four new video bingo game titles, having teamed up with Brazilian video bingo producer RCT Gaming, upgrading the quality of some of their most popular titles and delivering them to a whole new audience.

Tailored specifically for the LatAm market, Flex Bingo, Hot Bingo, Park Bingo and SuperBola provide a twist on the classic video bingo game format. The new partnership allows Play’n GO to provide its version of the popular game throughout the region.