Gambling software development company Playtech (LON:PTEC) has joined forces with the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), a Canada-based independent non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention in problem gambling, in an effort to better understand, inform and advance safer gambling, mental health and digital wellbeing.

Lauded as “one of the first examinations of safer gambling alongside digital wellbeing, the research and evaluation-led partnership will see Playtech support the RGC in its examination of the links between the three areas [mental health, digital wellbeing and gambling]. RCG’s more than 35 years of problem gambling prevention experience working with treatment providers, operators, regulators, and the gambling public in Canada and internationally will benefit all research and evaluation.

Sustainable Success:

The collaboration with the Toronto-headquartered organization is part of Playtech’s ongoing effort to join global leaders for initiatives in research, education and technology for its Sustainable Success strategy. The aim of the sustainability and responsible business strategy is to help individuals live healthier online lives as well as to improve the way it [Playtech] supports mental and digital wellbeing and safer gambling.

In a statement in the press release, Director for RGC’s Centre for the Advancement of Best Practices, Janine Robinson, said…

“Playtech is an industry leader and we look forward to working together to influence positive change and advance responsible gambling standards. The impact of the digital world on mental health is a growing concern for many but one which is currently not particularly well understood. We believe adopting digital resilience and safer gambling behaviours will be an important part of protecting mental health.”

These strategic partnerships with key industry players help the RGC argument its own resources and information gained through the research it conducts to identify best practices. The organization’s RG Plus global consultation service tailors that research into best-in-class policies and procedures, allowing leading operators to demonstrate their commitment to providing customers with a safe and enjoyable experience.

AI utilaztion:

Playtech Protect, the London-listed gambling software development company’s commitment to “safer gambling at the heart of its core products and services,” will be further strengthened by the collaboration. The firm is working to identify at-risk customers via artificial intelligence and to deliver to them “tailored safer gambling interventions” based on their detailed risk profiles.

Also commenting on the new alliance, Interim Chairman for Playtech, Claire Milne, added…

“The Responsible Gambling Council is a leader in research and best practice standards that drive the gambling sector to build a more sustainable and safe industry for the benefit of all stakeholders. As part of our Sustainable Success strategy we aspire to develop meaningful partnerships that will advance the safer gambling agenda. This collaboration will aid us in fulfilling our duty and commitment to use our expertise, experience and technology to promote an industry which provides both an entertaining and safe environment that supports digital and mental wellbeing and resilience.”

According to the press release, additional initiatives as part of Playtech’s Sustainable Success strategy will be detailed across the year.