As one of the biggest poker televisions shows available in North America today, all eyes are on Poker Night in America as a new season is set to begin. Fans enjoy not only watching the hot poker action as it unfolds on television but also taking part in the popular social poker gaming options found via the Poker Night in America app. The app was created in partnership with KamaGames last year and now is set to update before the new season begins.

It was announced via press release that KamaGames and Rush Street productions have planned a major update for the social poker app. Several enhancements will be added to the application within the new update, to mark the launch of a new live, celebrity-packed version of the show, titled Poker Night LIVE. Two new features will also be added to the game.

Boost Poker tournaments will now be on offer, providing players with the opportunity to earn 5,000,000,000 in poker chips in just a few minutes time! Players will also find the update includes a collection of Party Modes where games can be launched in a variety of formats, making game play much more interesting.

On top of the updates, the Poker Night America application will offer three poker players the opportunity to win an exciting trip to compete at the Poker Night LIVE table in California at an event scheduled for The Gardens Casino. The special sweepstakes will be available during the first 13 week run of  Poker Night LIVE broadcast on the CBS Sports Network.

In a press release, Poker Night in America President, Todd Anderson, stated: “These new app updates reflect our dedication to being the best in the business. We firmly believe that they’ll make playing the Poker Night in America app even more fun for our current audience as well as making it even more attractive to new players. As well as being engaging and inventive, the Boost Poker tournaments and the collection of Party Modes have been rigorously market-researched and tested, ensuring that we are bringing the best possible gaming experience to our loyal audience. KamaGames have definitely helped make a great product even better.”

The sweepstakes along with the Party Modes and Boost Poker can now be accessed via the Poker Night in America app via Google Play or the App Store.