Global developer and publisher of social casino gaming titles, KamaGames recently announced a new V12 update to their portfolio of applications. The new update will feature new tournaments for Player-vs-Player Roulettist plus new modes for poker party.

KamaGames now offers new roulette tournaments for players to enjoy with the opportunity to win as much as 35 million chips with each tournament. Along with the Roulettist, KamaGames has updated their applications to offer five new party modes for Pokerist. These new gaming options will launch over the next few weeks and offer unique gaming for players.

One new option is titled U-Turn Party. This party mode will see one of the cards at the felt changed at random once the fourth card has been dealt. After the card is changed, players will see the river card revealed and game play continued as normal.

Swap Party is another new mode added that will see players having to choose which of their hole cards will be given to the player located at their left once the flop has been dealt. A replacement card will be provided from the player located on the right. Play will continue once cards have been swapped.

10 To Ace Party is another mode that will be added, and different from the other games as it is available for only up to five players. Only face cards are used so it becomes quite the challenge. Two decks are dealt and players have to use what they are dealt to create a winning poker hand.

3 Card Party and Joker Party are the last two party modes added by KamaGames. With 3 Card Party, players will be provided three hole cards instead of the standard two. Yet only two will be revealed. After the river card is dealt, the third card is shown. Players will then have to create a hand based on the cards available to them. With Joker Party, four Jokers are added to the deck and will be dealt at random. A player who receives a joker will see the card changed to the strongest possible card of the deck when combined with the other cards of the player.