The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) continues to lead the charge for repealing the unpopular UIGEA from 2006. Since its introduction, the UIGEA has been largely unenforceable due to ambiguous language and has been criticized almost uniformly. The only party that doesn’t seem to be against it recently is the National Football League (NFL) because they say that the law is helping to fight game fixing.

The PPA raised the funds to back a former senator, Alfonse D’Amato in his attempt to get a proposal through Congress as soon as he can. Rep. Barney Frank has been fighting the UIGEA since its proposal and has already tried to get several bills passed in an effort to counter the law. He is also currently working on a new proposal that is scheduled to be put in front of Congress early this month.

Another agency, the Interactive Media Entertainment and Gaming Association (iMEGA) was just granted a hearing for an appeal to to the UIGEA. They are scheduled to begin presenting oral arguments on July 6th, despite efforts by the Justice Department to have them deemed to have no cause.

The change in administration with the election of President Obama has raised hopes that the Democrats leadership will result in an overturn of the act that was signed by President Bush when it was tacked onto a port bill. Hidden among unimportant changes, many proponents of online gambling regulation were taken by surprise by the passage of the bill.