Supporters are waiting with bated breath in the hopes that the Aragon regional parliament will pass a law that would allow the European answer to Vegas to be built.The Gran Scala project would be the largest entertainment and leisure complex in Europe to be developed near the small village of Ontinena. The proposal included casinos, hotels, theme parks and even a racecourse.

The plans have been developed by International Leisure Development (ILD) and have garnered huge support amongst the locals.One survey found that over 80% of the respondents were in favor of the complex, which would occupy the space of about 1,500 football fields.There will be over 30 casino-hotels, a large convention center, multiple theme parks and golf courses, a racecourse and a dog track.

According to ILD representative Jamie Riera,the company is not worried about raising the $20 billion estimated funds to build the complex and that the landowners have indicated a willingness to sell ILD the land required.

“We have never had problems regarding financing,” said Riera. “I am so confident because you can have the land, you can have the institutional support and you can have the money, but in this case I think we have everything to make the cocktail wonderful.”

ILD envisions the casino city will create about 200,000 jobs, a welcome addition to the local economy according to the Mayor of Ontinena, Angel Torres.He says he already has received dozens of CVs from hopeful potential employees.

Torres says, “It’s a great project and it represents the future of Ontinena, the region and all Spain, so the town council is strongly behind it to make sure it happens as quickly as possible.”

Spain is currently suffering from the highest unemployment rate in Europe and the Aragon region in particular needs new jobs and investment.Many people in the area see the casino city as the brightest hope for a better future.