On October 11, PokerStars started up its Bounty Builder Series. A total of 213 tournaments will take place, all featuring a progressive knockout format. Players can earn larger bounty prizes by taking part in this style of tournament action. In total, the series is set to provide over $30 million in guaranteed prize money.

This week, there are several events that have affordable buy-ins and nice prize pools, providing value for the low-budget players. Taking part in the events can net players a solid payout along with the bounty earned from taking out other players.

NLHE Event with $12,000 Guaranteed

On October 23, Event #171 will begin. This tournament has a low buy-in of $2.20 and features a solid $12,000 prize pool, guaranteed. Players will earn at least $0.50 per player eliminated which helps to build your bounty prizes. Quickly get your buy-in back and make it deep into the event to cash out for a solid prize.

This event needs to have 6,000 players for PokerStars to see the guarantee met. It is doable with such a low buy-in. If the guarantee is not reached then the online poker room will have to provide the overlay.

NLHE 6-Max $5,000 Guaranteed

Later on that same night, Event #183 kicks off, an NLHE 6-Max event. This online poker tournament has a buy-in of $1.10 and features $5,000 in prize money. Of course, in this event as well, you can earn bounties which will help to increase your total prize money.

The first-place finisher of the hold’em event should earn around $600 before any bounties, not bad for a simple $1.10 investment!

The PokerStars Bounty Builders Series continues through October 25 so there is still a few days to take part!