Since early last week, Casino Barcelona has played host to the PokerStars European Poker Tour. The Barcelona stop has been a success, with several events already finishing up, including Michael Soyza winning the €10,300 High Roller tournament. Now, a second high roller tournament has finished up, this time with a much higher buy-in and more at stake!

Super High Roller:

The €100,000 Super High Roller kicked off this week, with top poker players all vying for the first place finish, using their best strategies in the hopes of being the last one standing. In the end, it was Ahadpur Khangah and Mikita Badziakouski facing off in the heads-up round. Mikita would obtain the final chip lead and take out Khangah, earning the first-place finish, one of the highest cashes of his career at just over €1.6 million.

On the final day of the event, only nine players would return to the felt, with seven earning a prize. The day would be disappointing for Cary Katz as he was the first to go, followed by Byron Kaverman. This left seven at the table, all set to earn a pay day.

It wouldn’t take long for players to begin to be eliminated, with five falling rather quickly before Mikita and Khangah would face off in the final round. Khangah would hold the chip lead in this round, but eventually Mikita would be back in front and the final hand would go down.

According to Pokerstars…

In the final hand, Khangah would limp in from the button with Mikita checking his option. The flop showed K-Q-9 with Mikita check-calling 300,000 to see a 2 on the turn. Khangah would then bet another 700,000 and call an all-in after Mikita decided to go for it.

Khangah showed K-5 for a top pair while Mikita showed K-2 for two pair. The 7 of hearts on the river saw not changes, so Khangah would be out in second, giving Mikita the big win!

Final Results of the €100,000 Super High Roller:

Place Player Prize
First Mikita Badziakouski €1,650,300
Second Ahadpur Khangah €1,191,900
Third Matthias Elbinger €759,680
Fourth Timothy Adams €576,300
Fifth Benjamin Pollak €445,300
Sixth Rui Neves Ferreira €340,550
Seventh Jean Ferreira $275,050