Australian Gambling – In the wake of its investigation into off shore bookmaker Betjack’s practices, Racing Victoria has warned punters not to lay their hard earned with unapproved betting companies.

Amid allegations those using Betjack have been unable to withdraw or collect their funds or winnings from their accounts, Racing Victoria chief executive officer Bernard Saundry warned punters to cover themselves.

“Punters electing to bet with unapproved offshore bookmakers are not only transacting with a business which is breaking the law but they may risk doing their money cold,” Mr Saundry said.

“The best option for punters is to always bet with a wagering provider who is approved to publish our race fields and therefore adhering to our conditions of approval.”

Mr Saundry said Racing Victoria launched the probe into the Vanuatu based bookie, following complaints from punters.

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time that we’ve heard allegations of unsuspecting punters being unable to withdraw funds from an unapproved offshore bookmaker like Betjack,” Mr Saundry said.

“Despite demands to comply with our requirements, Betjack has not sought Racing Victoria’s approval to publish our race fields and thus are not approved to bet on Victorian thoroughbred racing.

“They are parasites who have been paying no returns to the Victorian racing industry for the use of our product, nor are they complying with our integrity requirements as approved wagering operators are obligated to do through information sharing and compliance.”

Mr Saundry said the Federal Government needed to get tough on rogue off shore bookmakers.