After submitting a land-into-trust application the Redding Rancheria of California are ready to move forward with their plans to create a new gaming venue at a larger section of land. The tribe submitted the application for a site consisting of 232 acres near Redding. The first step on the journey to see the venue created is a scoping meeting, which has now been scheduled for the 21st of December.

On Facebook, the Chief Executive Officer of the tribe, Tracy Edwards, stated that the tribe is currently engaged in a process that will most likely take a few years to complete. However, the tribe is still ‘extremely excited’ to begin, according to Edwards, on a project that has been on the tribe’s mind for over ten years.

The tribe had a problem with their plans back in 2010 when the Bureau of Indian Affairs stated that the land did not have the option of being used for a casino based on the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act. The Redding Rancheria then headed to court on the matter and was able to earn a win, with a judge ruling in their favor. This ruling opened the door for the tribe to resubmit the land-into-trust application.

The issue at hand was a gaming regulation, a controversial one that limited the tribe’s options. Now that the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled otherwise last year, the tribe could move forward once again. If the Bureau of Indian Affairs decides to approve the land-into-trust application, the tribe would shut down the Win-River Resort and Casino, a venue located on a small site of only 2.3 acres.

If the tribe is allowed to move gaming to the larger location, they would create a new facility that will have 140,000 square feet in space for casino gaming, along with a hotel that includes 250 guest rooms plus retail and convention center space.

Edwards stated that the tribe is a part of the community and they look forward to the input from the community as the project begins. According to the CEO, the project will have a hug and positive impact on the county, the city and the tribe, as it has the potential to bring many jobs as well visitors to the area.