A Chicago company behind the Brockton resort casino proposal is now facing a $1.65 million fine in the state of Illinois. Rush Street Gaming has been accused of provide a no-bid cleaning and security contract and then giving winners of jackpot games inconsistent payouts. This fine could bring negative connotations for the company as the Massachusetts Gaming Commission is going to be deliberating later in April as to whether or not Mass Gaming & Entertainment should receive a casino license, a group that is a subsidiary of Rush Street Gaming.

Rivers Casino of Des Plaines will be paying $1.65 million after agreeing in January to pay the sum after the investigation by the Illinois Gambling Board was completed based on the company hiring United Maintenance. The documents presented by the board stated that United was hired without a competitive bidding process back in 2011 and it was only a few years later that a formal agreement was signed.

The settlement between the gaming board and the Rivers Casino was revealed by the Chicago Sun-Times and the Better Government Association, a watchdog group of Illinois. Operators were accused of allowing individuals to enter into a $250,000 Sign Up and Win New Member Giveaway after the contest deadline, awarding prizes to over 40 individuals who considered inconsistent with the terms of the promotion as it was approved. The contest was given the name Jackpot Rush Giveaway based on the conduct by the casino.

This revelation of the casino could add to the complications Rush Street Gaming already faces as the Gaming Commission decides to give the subsidiary a license for a casino in Brockton. The Region C license, as it is being called by the board, has been a hard decision as organizers of a tribal project in Taunton, near to Brockton, has already begun. The tribe behind the Taunton casino have already broken ground.

Joe Baerlein, a Mass Gaming & Entertainment spokesman, stated that the Rivers Casino self-reported the matter and is respectful of the decision of the Illinois Gaming Board. The settlement has no bearing on the Brockton Casino Resort, which the group has already been found suitable for. The Massachusetts Gaming Commission has stated that the investigators will be presenting any new information that is deemed appropriate about Rush Street Gaming and the proposal in Brockton before the voting beings within the board and a decision on licensing is made.