For over four decades, the Moose Lodge No. 550 has been a solid fixture in San Pablo. The venue has been one of interest for the San Pablo Lytton Casino, who has wanted to buy the property for some time, going back as far as 2004. The casino has now purchased the lodge for an undisclosed amount and plans on using the land for parking.

The lodge will be moving to the Boys & Girls Club of El Sobrante site, if a deal to purchase the property goes through. The deal with the casino has gone through already, with the lodge moving away from the venue by the 26th of March. The casino will be using the site for additional parking for casino goers. This area is just south of the main entrance of the casino.

The Lytton Band of Pomo Indians have now commented on their latest purchase but we do know that it has been something the tribe has considered for some time. The lodge has considered selling the property back in 2004, but another site was needed before the lodge could move.