The casino operator, Sands China Ltd, is enjoying a reprieve from a penalty of $250,000 that was levied last month by a lower Nevada Court. The Supreme Court relieved the Sands of the penalty, but has not interfered with any other legal issues or penalties.

In March of 2015, The District Court in Nevada ordered the said fine to be paid to different charities. The penalty was imposed because it was believed the firm was withholding documents that were related to a lawsuit from Steve Jacobs, the past president and CEO of the Sands. The suit was in regards to wrongful termination.

The case will be held on April 20 and the judge of the lower court restricted the casino from calling any witnesses. An emergency motion was filed through the Supreme Court. Initially, a temporary stay of the sanction was ordered. However, the Supreme Court later decided that Sands China could be relieved of only the monetary sanctions.

In July is 2010, Jacobs was relieved of his duties at the casino. Jacobs sued the Las Vegas Sands as well as Sands China under the allegation that there was a breach of contract. The lawyers representing Jacobs requested the defendants to produce emails and various other documents that Sands insists are related to the overall business.

The concern was whether the Nevada court even has the ability to claim jurisdiction for the suit over Sands China. It was ruled in 2012 that the court could and would hear the case and that the Macau Personal Data Protection Act could not be cited as an objection to produce the requested documents.