In Germany and legislators for Schleswig-Holstein have reportedly passed a measure that is to see the northern state issue five local online casino table game operating licenses featuring an associated 44% maximum gross gaming revenues tax.

According to a Monday report from a source, the move from the jurisdiction’s 73-seat parliament comes some nine months after the nation ratified its New State Treaty on Gambling (GluNeuRStV) to bring in a completely new licensing, regulatory and taxation regime for land-based and online gaming operations. This fresh piece of legislation came into force from July and purportedly includes a clause that grants every one of country’s 16 states the right to independently decide on how to license and regulate their own iGaming markets.

Clear-cut charter:

Under the terms of the GluNeuRStV, which was many years in the making, and Germany’s states are reportedly now allowed to create their own iGaming monopolies or issue separate commercial licenses commensurate with the number of their hosted land-based casinos. As Schleswig-Holstein is already home to the Casino Schenefeld, Casino Sylt, Casino Flensburg, Casino Kiel and Casino Lubeck properties and the source disclosed that it now has the right to offer up five such certifications.

Appropriated authorization:

Schleswig-Holstein parliamentarian Hans-Jorn Arp reportedly divulged that one of the coming five online casino table game operating licenses is destined to go to the state-run Spielbank Schleswig-Holstein, which is responsible for the state’s existing five-strong estate of land-based gambling venues. However, the Christian Democratic Union politician purportedly later asserted that the remaining four certifications are to be issued to commercial enterprises ‘according to reputable and strict criteria.’

Reportedly read a statement from 69-year-old Arp…

“It was important for us to prevent the creation of a new Las Vegas and to instead control exactly who is playing what and how the data and money flows.”

Licensing levies:

The legislation recently ratified by the parliament of Schleswig-Holstein moreover purportedly sets out the tax regime for the coming iGaming licensees with operators to be obliged to hand over 34% of any monthly gross gaming revenues below €300,000 ($339,270). This rate will purportedly rise to 39% for any subsequent online gaming receipts up to €750,000 ($848,190) and top out at 44% on amounts above this threshold.

Parliamentarian’s plea:

As part of the GluNeuRStV and the source reported that a new federal gaming regulator has been established with its headquarters sitting in the central state of Sachsen-Anhalt. Arp purportedly proclaimed that it is now necessary for individual jurisdictions to support this fresh body ‘before providers move abroad and potentially jeopardize our channelling plan.’