On March 5th, William C. Thompson Jr was elected to the Scientific Games Corp Board and now has stepped down. The reason to leave the board stems from Scientific Games finding out that Thompson Jr cannot serve on the board for Scientific Games as well as the Gaming Facility Location Board of New York State.

Thompson Jr informed Scientific Games of his resignation immediately and the filing for resignation did not result in a disagreement with the company and Thompson. Created by the Gaming Commission of New York State, the Gaming Facility Location Board will still see Mr. Thompson on the board. This board helps to make the selection as to who is eligible for applying for commercial gaming licenses within the state. The board has passed on its recommendations for three casinos and is considering a fourth license this year. A fifth license will eventually be issued in the New York Metro area, but the board will not need to make a recommendation for that location.

Scientific Games Corp is based in New York and is a primary supplier to the New York Lottery system.