Two casinos in Atlantic City now have a new gaming option to enjoy, thanks to Scientific Games. The technology-based gaming systems provider announced this week that Bally’s Wild Wild West and Harrah’s Atlantic City now have the PRIZM GAMETABLE in operation, featuring the unique LIGHTNING LAUNCH Roulette game. This new roulette title places a spin on the classic game, allowing as many as four players to take part in the interactive and social experience.

As the latest electronic table system created by Scientific Games, PRIZM GAMETABLE features a 65-inch 4k touchscreen display. The table can host several slot games as well as table games. There are USB charging ports attached at each seat along with a cup holder and candle combination.

Commenting on the new gaming option via press release, Caesars Entertainment Regional President, Kevin Ortzman stated: “Harrah’s Resort and Bally’s Wild Wild West are thrilled to be the first land-based casinos in the world to install the PRIZM GAMETABLE product here in Atlantic City. Caesars has long been committed to offering our guests the latest in gaming innovation, and we are excited to once again be first-to-market with an exciting new product like the PRIZM GAMETABLE as we head into our summer season.”

The new LIGHTNING LAUNCH Roulette game is played in a similar fashion to the traditional version of the game. The difference is that in this version, players have the ability to launch their own ball once wagering is complete. Players can wager on their roulette ball and place a bet on up to all 38 straight numbers to find action on any of all of the four roulette balls in play.

On top of the roulette gaming option, the PRIZM GAMETABLE will be offering two additional gaming options later this year, with titles MONOPOLY Evolution and REVOLUTION REELS. As the year progresses, Scientific Games will be installing additional PRIZM GAMETABLES across North America.