As the online gaming ban in Cambodia takes effect and COVID-19 has been a continual issue, casinos in Sihanoukville are either closed or staff members suspended. According to the source, The Khmer Times has reported figures showing about 30 casinos in the area have shut down completely or staff members are no longer working, while an additional 33 venue shave temporarily removed staff members. The data was supplied by a labor ministry official.

Online Gaming Ban Causes Ripple Effect

Last year, Hun Sen, the Prime Minister of Cambodia, announced that the government would no longer issue licenses for online gaming. Current licenses would not be renewed once they expired. This change affected Sihanoukville venues directly as several casinos offered online gaming services.

In just three years, the region grew from offering only three casinos to 80. This was due to online operations. At one time, as many as 300,000 online gaming workers were said to be located in Cambodia.

Some operators are trying to move to other regions so they can continue offering services. Century Entertainment International Holdings announced recently they want to relocate their Sihanoukville gaming tables to Dara Sakor and place them within a hotel property.

Casinos Reopening

The news of the closures and employment drop comes at a time when Cambodia is starting to allow casinos to reopen. In late September, such properties as NagaWorld and the Star Vegas Resort and Club were allowed to get back to work.

Those approved for operation must ensure that properties stay clean and social distancing is practiced among guests and employees.