In the recent period, the integrated resorts became interesting to various hackers, and their latest target was Marina Bay Sands (MBS) in Singapore. The data security breach occurred on 19 and 20 October, and the personal data of some of the members of the resort’s shopping rewards program were leaked. The third party got access to the data without permission.

The Sands Lifestyle Rewards members are affected:

Paul Town, CEO of MBS, sent a letter to all members of the program on Tuesday, informing them that the data of about 665.000 members were leaked. However, the members of the MBS casino community aren’t affected, as the company believes, since it isn’t connected to the famous Sands Rewards Club. The Sands Lifestyle Rewards program is a popular non-casino loyalty program run by the company.

According to GGRAsia, the company said: “Marina Bay Sands became aware of a data security incident on 20 October 2023 involving unauthorized access on 19 and 20 October 2023 to some of our customers’ loyalty program membership data. Upon discovery of the incident, our teams immediately took action to resolve it.”

Among the data collected were names, phone numbers, as well as email addresses of the customers and their country of residence, membership number, and membership tier.

The Sands issued a statement, saying that it does “not have evidence to date that the unauthorized third party has misused the data to cause harm to customers.”

They added: “After learning of the issue, we quickly launched an investigation, have been working with a leading external cybersecurity firm, and have taken action to further strengthen our systems and protect data. We have reported this incident to the relevant authorities in Singapore and other countries where applicable and are working with them in their inquiries into the issue.”

The series of attacks:

The company warned the customers to change their login credentials as often as possible, as well as to monitor their accounts for signs of unusual activities. Also, they warned about expected phishing attacks, advising customers to be careful about the links they’re clicking on.

As the Inside Asian Gaming reports, this is the latest victim in the series of breaches that targeted famous casino operators. Just recently, the renowned operators from the US, MGM Resorts and Caesars Entertainment, were targeted, and many of their internal systems, such as gaming operations, were disabled during the attack. It greatly affected the companies, and MGM revealed that the expected loss would be about US$100 million on the company’s Adjusted EBITDAR in September.