In South Dakota, one of the developers behind the local Crown Casino and Deuces Casino-branded chains of slot halls has reportedly been granted permission to open a similar facility in the southern suburbs of the Midwestern state’s largest city, Sioux Falls.

Soberg sanction:

According to a Tuesday report from the community’s Argus Leader newspaper, last week saw local planning officials unanimously approve a plan from Bryant Soberg that is to involve a slot hall featuring within a strip mall being planned for the junction of Louise Avenue and 85th Street.

Second time around:

The newspaper reported that Soberg is the man behind local property development firm Commonland II and that he received permission to bring his latest enterprise to the growing residential area despite objections from some local government officials. These protests centered on the fact that a similar scheme from the developer for the same site had been rejected in 2015 following complaints from numerous area residents.

Neighborhood discourse:

However, Soberg told the newspaper that he had since been able to assuage some of these previous concerns after conducting a meeting with homeowners in the Lincoln County area.

Soberg commented…

“We’re going to do everything we can to operate a good location. We don’t want to run a bad establishment.”

Varied interests:

Soberg and business partner Kirby Muilenburg hold interests in the operator behind Sioux Falls’ seven Crown Casino locations, Crown Gaming Incorporated, as well as in Commonwealth Gaming and Holdings, which is responsible for some nine Deuces Casino-branded venues that are spread across the city.