A revenue summary released by the by the Nevada Gaming Control Board on Friday shows that for the month of June, Nevada casinos reported a total “gaming win” of $887.4 million; up 6.80 percent from the $830.9 reported for June 2015.

The small gain for the entire year looks better when compared to the 22.5 percent win decline in Macau over the same period of time. Completing a two-year decline, Macau’s gaming revenue dropped 9.6 percent to $2.3 billion in May compared with 9.5 percent drop in April, as stricter rules and the corruption crackdown by President Xi Jinping has caused high rollers to avoid the gaming hub.

June was strong for the Las Vegas Strip, which raked in $488.9 million, up 9.74 percent from $445.5 the same time last year. However, on the year, the Strip had a 0.64 percent loss on $6.3 billion in revenue. Baccarat saw nearly $76.3 million to the good in June; the 32 percent increase over the same period last year helping the Strip. For the year, however, baccarat’s $1.3 billion win on the Strip still fell short by 6.4 percent from Fiscal Year 2015, according to the report (pdf).

June’s gaming win at $761.6 million for Clark County was up 7.3 percent over June last year. While the county’s gaming win at $9.6 billion, was up 0.58 percent for the fiscal year. Leading the way in percentage win for fiscal 2016 was downtown Las Vegas, which reported a 5.4 percent increase over last year with $549 million.

Meanwhile, the Macau government wants to diversify and lessen its reliance on its $30 billion gambling industry, which comprises approximately 80 percent of the small peninsula’s tax revenue. About 90 percent of casino operators’ total revenue in the “Las Vegas of Asia” is derived from gambling and other service industries. In limiting the growth of the number of new gaming tables permitted at the city’s casinos and increasing revenue contributions from the casino’s non-gambling features, the government hopes to change that.

According to a recent Bloomberg report, in the first quarter, Macau’s total economy shrank 13.3 percent.