Top software solutions company Slotegrator is heavily involved in the online gambling industry. The company focuses on development in several areas including online casino games, online casino software, white label casinos, Bitcoin, betting and more. Slotegrator recently looked back at the events that took place in the iGambling industry in 2017 and created a list of the main trends operators and gamers can look forward to in the coming year.

Live Gaming

Live dealer gaming continues to be a hot trend coming in to 2018, with 2017 seeing the games in high demand. According to Slotegrator, this is just the beginning of the successful development of live dealer games. Live games along with virtual reality technology are only expected to grow more in popularity. Developers have plans to create games that offer improved functionality that are more realistic than ever before with new studios set to broadcast the games in real-time.

Virtual Reality Technology

Speaking of VR tech, virtual reality is also becoming a more popular option in online gambling. Currently, many operators already offer this technology and are satisfied with the results. Devices for virtual reality are popular among gamers and due to ease of approach, are more attractive to online casino operators.

Skill Games

Modern players tend to look to skill rather than luck to win games. Because players want an element of skill with their gaming, developers are looking to create platforms that have strategy type games. Players are attracted to having to apply certain skills during gameplay. It is expected that skill games will become very popular in the future.

Entertaining Content

Along with skill, players also want to be entertained. Operators have to configure how to offer quality gaming content that is not only beneficial to players but also entertaining. To retain customers with entertainment, operators will be looking to rely on special sections within their platform that focuses on nongaming content such as music videos, films and television series. Plot enhancement will also be provided for some slot games, opening up the story to interested players.


With this concept, game dynamics, as well as game thinking, are used to get the audience involved in working on marketing tasks. Slotgrater believes gamification is set to become a new trend in gambling as it will provide competitions, missions, rewards and bonus options to help attract new gamblers.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Experts have forecasted that the gambling market will only continue to develop this year and beyond. By 2020, the volume of the industry is expected to reach over $60 billion. Because of this, according to Slotgrator, companies will already begin to develop and increase the capital this year.

Custom Slot Games

Custom slots are on trend for this year as operators will be able to offer something new and not found at competitor sites. These specialized online slot games help to increase the brand visibility in a competitive market.


Mobile gaming has led to an increase in production of social networking and telephone communication tools. For 2018, messengers have taken the lead. Slotegrator has taken interest in this trend and created the Telegram Casino which integrates the gaming platform in messenger for smartphone gambling at any time.


Slotegrator also feels that cryptocurrencies will become the most demanded means of payment in online gambling beginning this year. With the exception of Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies such as Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and other currency types are expected to gain traction this year.