The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, an innovative jackpot solution that introduces the Jackpot as a service (JaaS), has officially launched an international campaign for 2 self-developing online casinos: Unislots and The campaign is only accessible for players of both casinos.

The global campaign:

This worldwide campaign is the first international campaign launched by a single operator using the newly developed Jackpot Aggregator and involving two casinos. It’s fully supported by Jackpot’s Aggregator executive team.

Unislot and are two casino brands with a Maltese license. Its combined portfolio includes more than 9000 games.

The campaign includes all slot titles of the two casinos, has the same, common prize pool and 3 individual levels: Mini, Middle and Mega.

It’s opened for both casinos’ customers, providing more players with a winning chance.

Aliaksei Douhinm, Head of SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, said: “Two splendid casinos, and Unislots, have launched a global jackpot campaign under an MGA license! 

“Players from both brands have come together to participate in one major jackpot event. We are confident that using our Jackpot Aggregator the casinos will reach new heights in their business and discover new opportunities!”

The operating team of Unislots and, say: “The long-term and successful partnership with SOFTSWISS resulted in launching a global jackpot campaign for and Unislots. We are doing our best to give our players a paradise-like gaming experience so we are glad to welcome them to our new jackpot campaign and wish them the best of luck! 

“We want to thank SOFTSWISS for sharing our business vision and values. And we also want to thank our Business Account Manager for walking us through the set-up and launch process!”

New business solution:

The SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator is a business solution developed by SOFTSWISS, where Jackpot is the main attraction.

Jackpot is what the players want when they start playing, aka the jackpot increases the value of the brand.

With this solution, players are introduced to a custom virtual jackpot system, which can be integrated with an online casino, game provider or game aggregator.

More on the Brands:

SOFTSWISS is the leading crypto gambling provider, with over 1400 employees and over 175 integration partners. The company was the first one that started to work with cryptocurrencies.

It is founded and officially launched in 2009 and it’s based in Malta.

It’s rich, non-traditional portfolio includes sportsbook platform, online casino platform, crypto casino solution, managed services, game aggregator, the Affilka affiliate platform and the Jackpot Aggregator.

About Unislots and

Unislots and are both Maltese-licensed online casinos.

Both offer access to the most famous slots such as Tale of Kyubiko, Take the Kingdom, Cosmic Voyager, Bonanza, Viking Runes, Holy Diver Megaways, Dwarven Gems Megaways and Hyper Nova Megaways.