Stakelogic Live, a high-end technology vertical of the leading iGaming content supplier Stakelogic, closes a deal with the operator Starcasino for the supply of the developer’s latest innovative live-casino solution.

Elevated Live Casino Experience:

Under the B2C partnership, Stakelogic Live will provide the Chroma Key Studio product to Starcasino to bring the green screen experience to another level. The provider’s Chroma Key Studio elevates the live casino experience using the pioneering technology to help the operator make the desired reviews of the data and the product performance, as well as to tailor the live casino experience according to the player’s preference.

The game-changing green screen studio will also facilitate the projection of the Starcasino brand across an array of its casino and table games to add value to the operator’s offerings and create an immersive iGaming experience.

Product Premiere in Belgium:

The product has recently had a remarkable debut in the Netherlands and the Belgium expansion seems a natural step forward. The partnership between Stakelogic Live and Starcasino will bring the Chroma Key Studio into the Belgium market for the very first time.  Such a product introduction will enable Starcasino to boast of the status of the supplier of an exclusive live casino experience to the Belgium customers.

Anchoring Market Position:

At the same time, the premiere will reinforce the operator’s status of the country’s leading platform committed to provide domestic players with the latest industry’s solutions. Stakelogic Live will also benefit from the deal and cement its position of the Belgium’s leading live casino content supplier. Commenting on the product premiere in Belgium, Dejan Loncar, Head of Live at Stakelogic Live, reportedly said: “Chroma Key is revolutionizing what live casino studios are capable of. ”

Loncar added:”It provides operators with the chance to project their brand on their live casino offerings and scale accordingly. This allows them to provide a truly unique experience for their players. We are thrilled to be debuting the Chroma Key Studio in Belgium. It has already been a huge success in the Netherlands, and this is a major step forward for the product.”

Stefaan Maene, Marketing and Games at Starcasino reportedly said: “Adding the Chroma Key Studio not only strengthens our bond with Stakelogic Live, but it also allows us to offer a more unique and personalized live casino experience to our players. It will help us stamp our own touch on our live casino offerings and secure our place as a go-to destination for live casino content in Belgium. “