Glenn Straub was awarded Revel Casino last week and during the approval process he stated he was interested in more acquiring more properties. Besides owning Revel Casino he is looking to purchase the former Showboat Atlantic City casino. The property is currently in a dispute with Trump Entertainment Resorts in regard to whether the building should be used as a college campus.

Stockton University would like to turn the Showboat Casino into a college campus as a more positive change to Atlantic City. Straub, although making statements that he is interested in other Atlantic City properties declined to say for certain which properties might be listed in a contract laying on his desk. The name of his planned revitalization project for the city is “Project Phoenix”.

“As the name of the project signals, the Phoenix rises out of the ashes to be reborn and will evolve to include diversified collection of projects including eight parts designed to show that the American dream is still alive and well,”  Straub said in the statement that included a price tag of $500 million for the entire project.