Joseph Marotta is a 37 year old male who held the position as a floor supervisor for the Mohegan Sun, a casino venue located in the state of Connecticut. Marotta has been accused of working with a casino patron along with a roulette dealer to cheat the casino. On Monday, Marotta pled not guilty to the charges.

Marotta appeared in a New London Superior Court where he faced charges of first degree larceny and conspiracy to commit first degree larceny. Based on the information provided in the arrest warrant affidavit, Marotta worked with Christian Elwood, a dealer at the gaming venue, and a player, Jeremy Howard. Allegedly, Marotta’s job was to cover up the overpayments made to Howard by Elwood. Once the scam was complete, the three men would split the profits.

The other two individuals in the case face the very same charges as Marotta.  Back in May, Marotta told police that he had agreed with both men to look the other way and cover up any missing monies. This happened when Elwood gave Howard more chips, intentionally, than the markers the gambler had to play with. Police were told by Marotta that he was paid from $500 to $2,000 every time he assisted. The floor supervisor stated that the incident took place around 10 times.

On the 20th of June, Marotta was arrested by police of the Mohegan Tribe. Marotta is now free on the promise that he would appear in court. He must now return to court on the 19th of September.