According to a press statement released by police, four people suspected of attempting to cheat patrons at the Marina Bay Sands casino have been arrested.

Police said today that they were alerted to suspected cheating taking place at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, according to local sources. After investigations, responding officers from the Casino Crime Investigation Branch (CCIB) of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) managed to establish the identities of the four suspects.

On March 14, officers arrested three women and one man, ranging in age from 27 and 60, at the Changi International Airport. Preliminary investigations revealed that the four suspects are believed to have been part of syndicate cheating customers in the Marina Bay Sands under the guise of helping them place bets.

If convicted, the four face sentencing that could include a prison sentence of up to 10 years, as well as a fine. The police in Singapore are advising members of the public to be cautious in casinos and advise against allowing other patrons to place wagers for them at the gaming tables.

The Marina Bay Sands was just in the news a few months ago when probes into a case at the casino of suspected counterfeit chips that began towards the latter part of November 2015 led to the arrest of a Singapore man. The man was believed to lead a syndicate that is responsible for counterfeit casino chips in Singapore.